I recently got an original Nvidia Shield Portable which is a rather neat device to my collection and it works great.

Primarily I do stream games from my computer to it when I want to play them however I thought I would try out Nvidia’s Geforce Now Service.

The App

Being that I was running it on an Nvidia Shield handheld the app was already installed, I click the Nvidia logo on it and it pops up ready to use.

The UI is Ok, one thing I don’t like is that it always defaults to showing you games the platform…

TL;DR: This XBOX has been replaced with a basic computer in for casual gaming, media center use & works with Steam Link.

Front left angle of the system.

So why do this?

I wanted to play a few older games that I have and actually complete them but also a few which I didn’t own but also reasonably old, primarily the ones that come to mind (and that I’ve been playing are the Lego Star Wars 1 & 2, Lego Harry Potter, Lego Movie Game, you get the idea….).

As I collect old consoles and games I owned a few of these already (Lego Star Wars on PS2, and Lego Movie on XBOX 360) and I started with the Lego Movie game. …

Recently I started on a project to be able to take my VR headset around with me on the go much easier than before.

One of the things that I like the most about the VR Headset that I own is that it uses the newer technology of inside out tracking, meaning instead of requiring base stations put in corners of the room I want to use my headset in, I take take it between multiple rooms and even locations with ease.

However before when I’ve taken it to show friends and family and the main thing is transporting my…


We’re in the process of switching to our new energy supplier’s (Octopus) EV Tarrif. Of which the daytime rate of electric is around the same as other tarrifs at 14p per unit, but for 4 hours a night this reduces down to 5p per unit. Roughly taking my yearly charging down from £200 to £70.

My car is smart enough to have a timer built in but the issue is, this can sometimes cost £18 a year to have this feature in my Zoe. But the main issue is that when charging in public you have to remember to turn…

This post is written mostly based on my experience of the issues with my Renault Zoe rapid charging. While I am not an EV mechanic I am however technically minded which helped in my diagnosis.

A few people seem to also be getting this issue on their Zoe when other Zoes are not hence this detailed post about what you can do to help check to see if there is an issue with your car or the chargeposts.

Overview & Why it’s not always earth.

When charging the Renault Zoe can present itself with a “Battery Charging Impossible” error on the dashboard, this can mean many things…

This post will be updated as I find out more information and will be marked with the date of edits

So with all of my EV Experience so far there’s been one issue which is a major issue with my car that I am trying to get rectified.

The issue is that when I try to charge on a Rapid Charger that the car crashes out charging and produces what’s known as a Battery Charging Impossible.

Summary of the issue
My car fails to charge on 43KW Rapid Chargers using the Type 2 AC connector. The Renault Zoe only has…

Well its now been around 3 months with my Renault Zoe Electric Car. Here’s a bit more of a detailed review about my Zoe and Electric Cars in general along with even more questions, debates and such that I have had.

Here’s questions that some twitter followers and friends have asked me to answer.

Q: What’s the ball park cost for getting a charger installed at home?
Asked by @robmarkcole
This really seems to depend on where you live. For me it was £550 after £500 grant from the government.

Q: I understand (to a point) the envrionmental side of…

One of the things I have seen the most with EV chargers is people commenting that either they got their charger for an advertised price or like in my case much more.

As part of this I thought I’d conduct some research which might then be able to link into a part of my Degree as I might be analysing an EV Company as part of it.

I designed it so the data could be published in charts publically for people to see. Here’s all of the charts that I’ve created around the data.


For this survey to get the…

One thing noticed with public EV charging networks is the hassle involved to use some of them. And are all partially barriers into charging.

These are all ideas I think that should be applied.

Method of Billing

The first thing which isn’t consistant is how people are billed, I’ve seen some companies offer “Free Charging” but there’s a £1.50 admin / connection fee.

Some charge per hour, so if your car takes 2 hours to charge you’ll be charged say £5 at £2.50 an hour, if your car takes only an hour you’ll be charged £2.50 …

So I’m 4 Weeks into owning my Electric Car and this is my first round up. Some bits may be repeated from the previous posts however a majority should be new.

The Car Itself

Straight to the point, the car itself. Its a really nice car to drive, It has lots of things which aren’t standard with most cars Radio ( with MP3, Aux, USB, Bluetooth for phone and music, and built in tom tom Satnav), Cruise Control, Automatic Gearbox, automatic lights & windowscreen wipers, “start stop” technology, hill start assist and more!

Driving is really nice and smooth, being an EV the…

Ryan Walmsley

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